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These are exciting times for acoustic guitarists. Innovators like Michael Hedges and Pierre Bensusan have re-written the rule book on what can be achieved by acoustic guitarists. The development of new methods of amplification and digital technology have placed acoustic musicians on an even footing with electric players in a way that they could have previously only dreamt about. The acoustic guitar is still the ultimate song writers tool and its use in Blues, Folk and World music continues to offer fresh revelations about the possibilities of this beautiful and endlessly adaptable instrument.

Students have the option of studying both fingerstyle and plectrum techniques. I ensure that everyone who studies with me has a thorough technical and theoretical grounding as a pre-requisite to more advanced work. Subjects covered range from song writing and accompaniment through to solo and ensemble playing and reading skills. (Standard notation and/or TAB) - with a strong emphasis on practical hands on performance during lessons. I also encourage the use of the many excellent 'play along' tracks which are an invaluable aid in developing confidence when playing with other musicians.

More advanced students might expect to study altered tunings, improvisation, composition as well as in depth study of their chosen style through analysis and learning to play transcriptions of  recordings by leading Acoustic Guitar virtuosos. The eventual goal for any creative player is to create their own individual voice. Students are encouraged to pursue this through acquiring a thorough grasp of their own specialised area of interest along with an overview of innovations and developments in other areas of music as it is this flexibility and openness towards new ideas, techniques and perspectives which is the hall mark of all truly great players.

All students have the option to prepare for and enter RGT./LCM. Acoustic Guitar Exams- or they can choose to pursue a more individual course of study in keeping with their own aspirations and goals.




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